Disha Foundation, an NGO based in Nasik, Maharashtra state of India since 2002, is dedicated to work on inter and intra state seasonal labour migration & public health, and related development issues.

Mission: To provide marginalized communities an environment conducive to their sustainable development, to improve the quality of their living arrangements, and to offer them opportunities to become more productive citizens of soceity.


  • Developing different models of problem solving intervention with the  migrant community/ stakeholders. 
  • Creating a network of supportive programmes involving various government and non-government organizations to address different needs of the migrant community
  • Networking with various government and non-governmental agencies at the micro- and macro- level to advocate for suitable policies and programs.
  • Creating a strong data base by conducting research and collecting extensive information related to this field.
Strategic goals: 

To support migrants and communities in addressing the challenges of
irregular migration, including through research and analysis into root
causes,sharing information and spreading best practices, as well as
facilitating development-focused solutions through ways such as: 

  • Ensure equal rights to education for migrant children of both sexes
  • Ensure equal right to health care for migrants.
    Take special measures to promote reproductive health of migrants.
  • Employment:  Provision of  need based job skills trainings to  enable
    migrants as a skilled  workers, and promotion of skilled workers through
    organized labour markets.
  • Strengthen dialogue between government authorities, politicians and
    civil society to recognize migrants as citizens and address their needs.



Top Left : Traditional labour markets of migrant workers in Nasik

Down Right: Disha team facilitating migrants workes to access services in Nasik during migration period.

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